Felipe de Mello e Souza

Felipe is the newest member of the Central Honduras Education Fund Advisory Board. He has spent most of his life moving back and forth between Brazil and the United States.  Felipe graduated from Penn State University in 2004, returned to Brazil and soon after, decided to join Peace Corps.  In 2006 he began his service in Cameroon as a computer teacher in the town of Ngaoundere where, after the first school term, he also developed a student report card database to never have to fill out another one of those by hand.

Opening of summer school during Peace Corps training

Felipe decided to extend his service in Cameroon beyond the standard two years to work in a partnership position between the Peace Corps and the UNDP.  In this role he learned from and worked with two great Cameroonian colleagues—Robert Kondo and Jacques Ondo—and dozens of community groups in developing and subsidizing small-scale income-generating activities in rural Cameroon.

Felipe has since entered the MBA//MMIS dual-degree program at the University of Arizona, which he will complete in May 2011.  Felipe is currently planning a bicycle trip that will take him and his dog from Tucson to New York city.


Felipe and Babushka

A class in Bagangte

The Lycee Classique et Moderne de Ngaoundere (Ngaoundere High School)

Community groups after UNDP training

Jacques (far left), Robert (second from the right) and Felipe