2015 End of Year Meeting

Another well organized meeting was put on by Saira and Andrea in Decemeber, 2015. Several academic awards were given out, and everyone had a chance to share their experiences and engage in a few fun activities.

10 Year Anniversary Celebration!

The Fund celebrated its 10th Anniversary in July! All current scholars and parents were invited to a tenth anniversary celebration in the city of Valle de Angeles. The event was planned by the Scholar Coordinators. Scholar participation was a highlight, as students participated in a traditional dance exhibition, shared testimonials of their experiences, and presented information on the Fund. The president of the Fund, Aaron Banas, and keynote speaker Luis Estrada (Peace Corps Regional Training Director) addressed those in attendance. Additionally, several students were recognized for their outstanding academic performance.

2014 Bi-Annual Meeting – December

Our second All-Scholar Meeting in 2014 was a big success! The meeting was held in El Ocotal on December 26th, 2014. All Scholars were in attendance, as well as many friends and family. Scholar cumulative grades were way up compared to 2013; 79% in 2013 versus 86% in 2014!

Keylin’s Graduation Pictures

Keylin graduated from high school in December, 2014! Her family was very proud, especially her dad Terencio. Her goal now is to begin university studies in the fall of 2015. Congrats on all your success Keylin!

Living Threads

Many thanks to Amanda and the folks over at Living Threads (www.livingthreadsco.com), who donated some beautifully hand-crafted blankets to the Fund. Living Threads travels the world making and sustaining connections, building partnerships with the women, families and cooperatives along the way.  All of their products are individually selected by Living Threads Staff, but are designed and hand-crafted by Nicaraguan and Guatemalan artisans. Amanda’s goal is to provide high-quality textiles to socially responsible consumers while preserving  local traditions and art.

The donated blankets were sent to donors to the Fund who have provided very generous and sustain donations over the years. We thank them and Living Threads to supporting us and Central American students and artisans!!

Living Threads Living Threads

Bi-Annual Meeting Big Success!

In Saira’s words…”the meeting was held  Saturday June 14, 2014 in the community of San Francisco, Soroguara. Everything proceeded normally, the agenda was developed as we planned. As you know the event was organized by Andrea, so let me tell you she did an excellent job and coordinated most of the activity; she also received support from the San Francisco students (Wendy, Jaime and Isaac) in helping to secure the social center of San Francisco, where the meeting took place.”

We will let the above photos from the event tell the rest of the story…