Update – Saira’s Academic Progress

Saira Raudales ‐ Our 3rd year University Scholar Saira has completed 24 of 44 classes. Upon completing her curricula, Saira will begin 800 hours of internship credit. Her estimated graduation date is May of 2012. Saira recently sent her updated class completion summary to the Fund along with her 2011 semester 1 budget and expense sheet. She also continues to excel in her role as Student Coordinator, in which she is overseeing the progress of our seven current Joseph Martens Scholars as well as managing the dispersal of their funding. Additionally, Saira has begun to introduce Andrea Benitez to the role of Student Coordinator. Andrea is in line to follow in Saira’s footsteps and begin her University career in 2012 as a Central Honduras Education Fund Scholar. More on Andrea to come…

Saira Raudales is tutoring Andrea Benitez in her upcoming role as Scholar Coordinators

Note**The UNAH has changed to a 3 semester system which will begin in 2011.