Resilience in the face of the Pandemic

Like most countries around the world, Honduras has been hit hard by the COVID 19 pandemic. Most of the country is sheltering in with stringent procedures being implemented by the government. Honduran citizens are permitted to travel to Tegucigalpa one time per week. Many villages have strict entry and exit policies for community members. All of this has resulted in challenging circumstances for young people and the education system in Honduras.


Central Honduras Education Fund scholars have demonstrated great determination throughout the pandemic. All the Fund’s scholars are participating in E-learning in one form or another. Computer skills acquired from the 2018 Computer Skills Training are bearing timely fruits as students complete assignments on thier laptops and submit work electronically. In addition, students are utilizing their scholarship stipend for internet costs. Just like students around the globe, the Fund’s scholars are applying their resilience and creativity to continue to make progress in their studies.


This month students took part in the first ever virtual all student meeting. 100% attendance was recorded as students connected via zoom from their homes or from a neighbor’s home. Students checked in with one another and voiced shared experiences. In typical Honduran fashion abundant laughs and smiles were sent across our computers and cell phones. The common message was one of perseverance and a unified “si se puede!”.