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Reaching goals and taking on Legal Cases

Today is a very proud day for the foundation. Almost a decade ago (in 2014) a young woman from the small city of Zambrano joined the group of scholarship recipients. At a meeting in the village of El Ocotal, she shared her plans for the future and her academic and professional dreams. Little by little time passed. There were not shortages of challenges or moments in which it seemed that her dreams could not be achieved. Countless trips to the capital city, strikes at the university, crime outbreaks, among other things. Not to mention a pandemic that brought so much uncertainty that our goals were up in the air.

However, despite numerous obstacles Isis displayed admirable determination and impressive perseverance. On March 7, she achieved one of her goals in receiving her certificate as an attorney. In the coming months Isis will be carrying out her practicum and will soon be able to enter the workforce as a lawyer.

As a foundation we congratulate Isis for her achievements. She has been an exemplary member of the foundation and we thank her for all her contributions. May she find much success in the next phase of your life. Congratulations Isis!

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