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The newest electrical engineer in Honduras. Wow!

She made it! Andrea persevered through an arduous process that not only involved strenuous academic challenges but countless university strikes and a global pandemic. This week she joined 53 of Honduras' newest engineering graduates in lifting her diploma.

It can be challenging to imagine the scale of this achievement for a young Honduran. In the United States it takes tremedous effort and determination to become an engineer. For a Honduran, the obstacles are sometimes imeasurable. We are so proud of Andrea's determination and perseverance.

This week we celebrate Andrea's feat and are reminded of the mountain moving impact that a scholarship can have on a young person. Andrea spent 8 years as a scholar with the Central Honduras Education Fund. She joined as a young high school student, served as a mentor and later the Fund's in country scholar coordinator. She is an inspiration to all of us and we thank her for the exaxmple she has set for all of us.

A special thanks to the Dewan Foundation for thier generous support of Andrea over the years!

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